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Our Service

We aggregate and track information from a comprehensive range of thousands of key online sources including newspapers, magazines, newswires, internet news sites and investor bulletin boards.

Then we carefully categorise this information and send you exactly what you want, when you want it and how you want it.

Our experienced editorial team prides itself on providing a fast, accurate and professional tailor made service.

For a detailed break down of our list of content sources click here.

Clients can set up individualised and specific searches to track the latest news, commentary, information and analysis on anything from a company, a competitor, an industry or a product.

Our sophisticated and easy to use service allows you to:

  • distribute relevant information to key personnel using an easily configurable online system.
  • receive important news and articles via e-mail and mobile phone.
  • deliver personalised information to different corporate or individual users.
  • set up new bespoke searches and add new sources you wish to track.
  • have the flexibility to save, search and categorise articles that are important to you.

    We provide a simple and cost effective solution to cover all your online media monitoring needs.

    To find out more speak to one of our customer service representatives on 020 7743 0050 or e-mail us at info@DLClip.com.

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