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What is Media Monitoring?

When your company or your closest competitors hit the headlines you need to know about it.

But surfing through thousands of important web sites to find what you are looking for is easier said than done. Until now.

Our online media monitoring service provides you with a simple and effective solution. We deliver the news and information you need to read.

Our media monitoring service is perfect for any quoted company that needs to track the latest information and commentary that has a crucial impact on its share price and reputation. Or a corporate that needs timely market intelligence on its competitors, industry or products.

And our service provides a vital tool for amongst others:

  • Senior executives
  • Marketing and PR consultants
  • Investor relations and corporate communications departments
  • Professional advisors
  • Sales professionals

    To find out more about our service click here.

    And e-mail us at info@DLClip.com or speak to one of our customer service representatives on 020 7967 7111.

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