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About Us

Digital Look (http://www.DigitalLook.com) is a leading web company research and news alert service aggregating content from key online sources. We have more than 250,000 users including more than 2,000 of the biggest corporates.

Our aim is to deliver world-class information and research solutions to our clients. We already work with some of the biggest names in the global content and financial industry due to the strength and size of our user base and the quality and efficiency of our product.

Digital Look has used its leading technology and experienced editorial team to launch a comprehensive online press clippings service designed for corporates and professionals who need to stay ahead of the competition.

We take the hassle out of media monitoring by providing bespoke searches to provide you exactly the sort of information you require.

Click here to find out about our service.

To speak to one of our experienced customer services representatives phone us on 020 7743 0050 or e-mail us at info@DLClip.com

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